605,000 tons Monazite Deposit
14.4% TREO
86,900 tons contained TREO

About the Steenkampskraal Mine

  • The Steenkampskraal Mine is located in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It is an existing mine that was operated by Anglo American Corporation from 1952 to 1963.

  • In addition to the mining right area of 474 hectares, the company also owns three surrounding farms with a total area of about 7,000 hectares.

  • Steenkampskraal has the highest grade Rare Earth deposit in the world.

  • It has a resource of about 605,000 tons at an average grade of 14.4% Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) for a total of 86,900 tons contained TREO.

  • Each ton of ore in the Steenkampskraal mine contains rare earths to the value of approximately US$ 3,000 at present market prices.

  • The total quantity of neodymium in the mine is 15,600 tons at a resource grade of 2.58% Nd2O3.

  • There is great potential to further increase the mineral resource beyond the current mine area.

  • Low Capex – Much of the work and the investment to bring the mine into production has already been done.

  • Low Opex – Shallow mine with an average depth of 100m.

Progress at the mine

  • A National Instrument 43-101 compliant Technical Report with a Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) is complete.

  • The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) issued a New-Order Mining Right for the Steenkampskraal Mine which is valid until 2030 and which is renewable.

  • The National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) issued a Certificate of Registration to the Steenkampskraal mine which allows it to mine, process, transport and store naturally-occurring radioactive materials.

  • The DMR approved Steenkampskraal’s Mining Works Programme.

  • The DMR approved Steenkampskraal’s Environmental Management Programme.

  • Steenkampskraal has completed the mineralogical characterisation of the ore and the major metallurgical tests.

  • The mine shaft has been partly refurbished.

  • Boreholes have been drilled that can provide sufficient water for the mine’s requirements.

  • A reverse osmosis water treatment plant has been installed.

  • Office buildings have been installed and much of the infrastructure is now in place.

rare earths

Relative economic value of the rare earths at the Steenkampskraal mine at present market prices

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The Mine is Unique

The mine is unique in the global rare earth landscape because its rare earth grade at 14.4% is the highest in the world with a NI-43-101 compliant MRE.

Neodymium grade of 2.58%

Steenkampskraal has a neodymium grade of 2.58%, which is higher than the total rare earth grades in most other rare earth deposits.

Low Capex

Low Mining Capex – About 80% of the work to bring the mine into production has already been done

rare earth mine

The Steenkampskraal mine has been confirmed by the National Instrument 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) to be the highest grade rare earths mine in the world.

Rare Earth Uses

Progress to restart the mine

Much of the work to reopen the mine has been completed:

  • The detailed NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE), indicating 605,000 tons of ore with an average grade of 14.4% or 86,900 tons of rare earths, has been completed.
  • The mineralogical characterisation of the ore and the metallurgical test work have been completed.
  • Generators have been installed for power generation.
  • Groundwater studies have been completed confirming that groundwater supplies from the farms owned by Steenkampskraal are enough to meet the project’s water requirements.
  • Three boreholes have been drilled and equipped with pumps and pipes to supply water to the mine.
  • A reverse osmosis plant has been installed for the purification of the water.
  • The decline shaft has been partly refurbished, head-gear erected and a winder house built.
  • There is great potential to further increase the mineral resource beyond the current area.
  • The mine has installed air-conditioned mobile offices, together with telephone lines, internet access, internal communication systems and security.
  • A weighbridge and a vehicle washbay are now operational.
  • Surrounding roads have been improved and fences and lighting installed.